Oliver Jeffers is a Northern Irish visual artist and author who uses painting, illustration, and storytelling to explore how we relate and make sense of the world around us. Humor and curiosity underscore each project, whether his critically acclaimed picture books or original artwork. His critically acclaimed picture books have sold over 14 million copies and have been translated in 50 languages. He delivered a TED Talk, ‘Ode to Living on Earth’ in 2020, and featured two sculptures at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Both Oliver and FEIT were fans of each other’s work from a far: founder Tull Price read Oliver’s books to his children, and Oliver was a longtime FEIT customer. A chance encounter with a mutual friend led to the two being connected, and talks of a collaboration began.

The result is “All That We Need”, a capsule of special-edition Indoor Slippers developed for children and adults, with an artbook written and illustrated exclusively for FEIT.

Craftsmanship and art simplify the message of our relationship with nature, and each other. The artbook highlights our place within the world: the sun provides energy for trees to grow, the trees create wood so we can make fire, the fire creates tools that we use with our hands to build “useful things” like shoes, so we can walk across Earth to be with each other.

Tull sat down with Oliver for a conversation about storytelling, our impact and connection with the planet, and the philosophy behind “All That We Need”.