Warranty Information

All FEIT products are guaranteed against defects for life and covered under warranty for wear and tear. Each pair of FEIT shoes is handmade by a single master craftsman, ensuring individual attention is given to every product. It is natural for handmade leather products to require occasional care and/or maintenance, and variations in appearance and wear should be expected. Factors such as terrain, weight, and intended use may have an effect on how quickly a product wears. Sole replacement, wear to wool interior, scratches, scuffs, water damage, and insole replacements occur with normal wear and are not considered defects.

For the following styles, all defects, and/or damage caused by appropriate use within the stated warranty period will be repaired or, if necessary, replaced by FEIT at no additional cost to the customer. For information regarding non-warranty repairs [ click here ].  

** Complimentary repair services applicable on factory defects only

6 Month Warranty

Hand Sewn Styles: Mule, Slipper, Low, High, Ballet Mule, Ballet, Court

Ceremonial Styles: Ballet Flat, Ballet Mule, Wedge Mule, Mid-Heel Mule, Mid-Heel Boot

1 Year Warranty

Braided Styles: Loafer, Oxford, Lace-Up Boot

2 Year Warranty

Latex Styles: Biotrainer Low, Biotrainer Mid, Biotrainer High, Latex Low

Crepe Styles: Low, High, Desert Boot, Desert Court

3 Year Warranty

Shearling Styles: Wool Hiker, Arctic Hiker, Shearling Boot, Shearling Clog

Hiker Styles: Unlined, Military, Bamboo, Bamboo Military, Metal, Metal Military

Misc. Styles: Chelsea Boot