Behind every FEIT product is a single pair of hands; each box of shoes bears the stamp of their maker. A certificate of authenticity, signed and dated by a master craftsman, guarantees a level of quality that comes only from individual attention. FEIT extends this guarantee by providing post-purchase care and repair services designed to increase the depth, integrity, and lifespan of all FEIT footwear products.  


Complimentary cleaning, conditioning, and restoration services are provided at all FEIT flagship stores and can be reserved online ahead of time. Walk-in appointments are available, but preference will be given to scheduled appointments. A full range of FEIT care products is also available for purchase.

*Care requirements vary by style. All care appointments are subject to approval and provided on a case-by-case basis.


All FEIT footwear is guaranteed against defects for life and covered under warranty for wear and tear. Walk-in repair consultations and drop-offs are provided at all FEIT flagship stores. For out-of-state repairs, please contact for more information.

*All repairs are subject to approval. Prices and services may vary.


All FEIT footwear products no longer in use can be returned to any FEIT flagship store. Those who donate a pair of FEIT shoes will receive a $100 credit towards towards future purchases.

For online or out-of-state donations, please contact for more information. 

*Donation credit may be applied towards full-price footwear products only, and cannot be combined with other offers.


You can read more about our warranty and FAQ using the link below.

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