Whipstitch Hiker Wool in Tan/Brass
Whipstitch Hiker Wool in Tan/Brass

Whipstitch wool HIKER

This season’s Whipstitch Wool Hiker takes the traditional shearling-lined hiking boot to an all new level of craftsmanship and design. Most notably, each pair incorporates naturally-mined silver or copper wires that have been hand-braided into the welt
—a time and labor-intensive process that has never been done before and is virtually impossible to produce in mass quantities. The natural metal whipstitch is not only grounded in practicality, ensuring a stable, indestructible bond between the Vibram outsole and the shearling-lined leather upper; it also reveals an unmatched level of human craftsmanship by repurposing materials and textures generally associated with mass-production for more practical human use.

The natural shearling lining keeps the wearer’s feet warm regardless of weather conditions, while the breathable and inherently odor-resistant qualities of shearling wool allow for comfortable barefoot wear. The sturdy Vibram outsole, seamless one-piece upper, and gusseted tongue make this boot naturally water-resistant, while the metal reinforcements ensure a level of durability and protection in even the most extreme environments.

Available in Tan Brass and Black Silver in an Edition of 90 directly at FEIT.