In Depth: Ceremonial Collection
In Depth: Ceremonial Collection
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In Depth: Ceremonial Collection

The Spring 2019 Ceremonial collection is a continuation of the Fall Winter 2018 ‘Worker’ collection, inspired by the Russian heritage of Natasha Shick, FEIT and Tull’s partner. In the early 90s, Natasha’s family emigrated from the former Soviet Union to the U.S., shedding communism for the American promise. This collection draws on her Russian upbringing, incorporating red into the designs to remind us of the only "color" one could wear. What previously symbolized the blood of the worker has been repurposed as a celebration of our master craftsmen who have wove red into their standard white and black stitching.

Spring 2019 presents four Ceremonial styles including a Mid-Heel Boot and Mule, and a Ballet and Mule. Each style incorporates traditional handmade elements to evolve these classic styles. Celebrating our master craftsmen's high level of skill, exposed handstitching connects a one-piece semi cordovan upper to a stacked leather heel using a modified San Crispino construction. Handstitched construction guarantees a sturdy construction and incorporates a knotted thread with a decorative tassel at the heel to accentuate the heel.

Cordovan leather—historically made from the buttocks section of a horse skin—has typically only been used to make luxury dress shoes. FEIT shoes use the entire skin—hence the name “semi cordovan”. The leather is tanned slowly, nourished with natural oils, and shaved. The use of this highly luxurious and elevated skin allows the foot to breathe and because it is much softer, does not require breaking in.

Limited edition of 60 styles cut, available directly with FEIT.