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Human Construction

Human beings, not machines create FEIT products.

For thousands of years, humans produced goods primarily by hand building a global industry that employed workers in communities throughout the world. As technology advanced, human labor became the most expensive part of the production process.

Today's corporations strive to deliver quarterly growth and their focus has shifted towards automation as a means of cutting costs. The human touch is seen as obsolete. Though computer-automated production may be better for the companies, it is not necessarily so for workers, consumers, and the earth.

The use of computer-automated production has necessitated the increasing use of synthetic materials as they are more uniform and predictable in the production process.

Natural thread coated with beeswax
Our master craftsman hand sewing

Hand sewn, hand lasted

All FEIT shoes are entirely hand sewn and hand lasted by master craftsmen. FEIT believes that producing by hand from natural materials creates a superior product and wearing experience. Human decision-making allows the maker to use our materials judiciously and to adapt and improve the product as needed during construction. Fewer machines also reduces the environmental impact of our supply chain and production process.