Hand Sewing

All FEIT products are handmade from start to finish by one master craftsman. There are very few places and people left in the world that produce or even have the skills to produce shoes by hand in this way anymore. Today, it is primarily done only for bespoke men's shoes. Wanting to preserve and utilize this technique, as he believes it creates the best footwear, FEIT founder Tull Price helped train and set up a small team of shoemakers in southern China who were previously known for their dexterity and handwork. This small team has grown along with FEIT, and it is where FEIT footwear is hand lasted and hand sewn to this day.

Hand Sewn, Hand Lasted
FEIT Master craftsman with a last

The one-piece upper is placed securely in position prior to being hand sewn. The upper is tightly pulled over the last and the bottom is nailed in position to the midsole. Leather is left on the last for 10 days where light steam and humidity are used to tighten the leather, ensuring shape and fit. On non welted styles the midsole is then handsewn to unify upper and sole, on welted styles the upper midsole and welt are all sewn together. Very few people are able do this via hand anymore. Lasting and then sewing by hand allows the craftsmen to pull and sew the upper more tightly to the last, adjusting to the differing thicknesses and stretch contained in natural materials.

Shoes constructed in this manner creates a sturdy and flexible product and ensures all FEIT shoes can be resoled.

Steps of the hand sewing process, resulting in the finished Hand Sewn Hiker