Arctic Hiker

As climate change becomes more pronounced, weather patterns are becoming more aggressive. The 2014 Polar Vortex in New York inspired the creation of the Arctic Hiker. Built to withstand the harshest New York winters, the Arctic Hiker is an evolution of FEIT’s classic raw edged Hiker design. It features a tall profile; a padded ankle, collar, and tongue; natural rubber and latex padding throughout to provide additional insulation and comfort; and additional toe and heel reinforcements, normally reserved for the outsoles of English dress shoes. The hand sewn Goodyear-welted construction and a gusseted tongue make this a naturally water-resistant design, never leaving you unprepared.

With its durability and adaptability to extreme weather, the Arctic Hiker is the most stable and substantial boot in the collection. Echoing elements of the first climbing boots invented in the early 20th century, but with modern-day, highly trained craftsmanship and superior natural materials, the Arctic Hiker will ground and support the wearer, no matter the environment.

The Arctic Hiker in military and black leather
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