Oliver Jeffers Book

Oliver Jeffers Book

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The artbook was published by ‘Small Editions’, a small business in Brooklyn that specializes in bookbinding, box making, and risograph printing.


The core of the ARCH SUPPORT PROJECT begins with a bamboo shank embedded in the natural cork midsole—a renewable material selected for its odor-resistance and inbuilt breathability. A subtle reminder that behind each pair of boots is a pair of human hands via a hand sewn and braided chainstitch and a Vibram outsole, capable of withstanding years of heavy wear ensuring durability and longevity. 


Natural materials are used to build the ARCH SUPPORT PROJECT. Cut from exceptionally soft, vegetable-dyed suede. FEIT leathers are developed throughout Europe with tanneries that focus on traditional vegetable and metal-free tanning. Most of these ingredients have been in use for the past two thousand years, and have stood the test of time.


Each pair of FEIT shoes comes with an extra set cork and buffalo leather insoles to assist with in-between sizing. The additional leather insole can be used alone, or the cork can be inserted underneath the leather for extra padding. If you are between sizes, you can either size up and use the included insoles, or size down and use no additional insoles. All FEIT shoes include an additional buffalo leather insert that may cause slippage if worn with a sock. Flip the insert if friction is scarce.

Please see our  size chart for measurements.