FW17 Exclusive Preview

Globalization was the promise to make our world whole, our civilization one, but combined with the advancements in technology and communication it led to the creation of a superficial global homogeneity, a creative monoculture that rendered all products the same, all experiences similar. It failed to embrace local cultural differences, and identity became lost. Hence, many are left unsatisfied and are now are drifting, searching for our roots, trying to create meaning and fulfillment.

For Fall 2017, we embrace this nomadic, universal desire. We have built a collection which harkens back to mankind's cultural roots and puts forward the premise that our search must reach the point of realization that it is the intimacy of commonality, with the creative power of difference, that makes us the multifaceted civilization we are.

Tull Price — Founder

FW17 Lookbook Preview