The first mass-market running shoe was the Brooks Vantage. Released in 1977, it was designed to give runners stability and provide extra cushion and shock absorption when they ran. Since then, athletic shoes have been worn for leisure purposes, and the trend truly took off in the mid-90's when a small group of brands started making athletic shoes simply for fashion. Among these was Royal Elastics, created by FEIT founder Tull Price, which stylized the technologies, shapes, and silhouettes of running shoes as pure streetwear products. In the past 10 years, this trend (now known as "Athleisure") has grown exponentially and and in many ways determines the relevance of the major athletic brands to today's youth culture.

FEIT's Runner returns to and evolves the seamless one-piece, handcrafted leather upper of the original running spikes. Built from vegetable-tanned semi-cordovan leather, the tongue is unified with the upper, so that lacing the shoe creates a folded "paper bag" effect at the collar. The natural materials ensure that the shoe is breathable and does not retain odor, and that the leather will mold to the wearer's foot over time.

The Runner in Black and White Semi Cordovan
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