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Installation Three: Service & Supply

FEIT’s first west coast store opened in the Jackson Square neighborhood of San Francisco in April 2019. Designed by Jordana Maisie Design Studio (JMDS)—in conversation with FEIT founder Tull Price—Installation Three: Service & Supply reimagines the traditional shoe store; refocusing the customer experience on the relationship between seating, service, storage and display.

In keeping with the interior aesthetic established by JMDS on FEIT’s two New York City stores, the design features a streamlined material palette of baltic birch plywood, stainless steel, and large, immersive mirrored surfaces, punctuated with a strong linear lighting strategy. The space is clean, minimal and open, showcasing FEIT’s handmade products on raw expansive plains of naturally finished birch plywood, cast against raw concrete flooring. The simplicity of the FEIT footwear and care packaging has been elevated as a design element, introducing a repetitive, rhythmic feature that focuses the design experience on the product. The perimeter shelving system provides an enhanced level of service as stock is accessed without leaving the floor.

FEIT’s core brand philosophy prioritizing process and craft has been expanded upon in JMDS’ architectural design, allowing the broad reaching vision of the brand to expand beyond goods and services, and into the built environment.

FEIT offers a complimentary leather care and conditioning service at all our flagship stores, as well as a repair and reuse service to extend the lifetime of our products.

FEIT has a full suite of care and replacement products to extend and improve the lifetime of your shoes. Available care products include leather and suede care kits, suede erasers, FEIT cedar shoe trees and our bamboo shoe horns. Replacement components including cork, buffalo leather and shearling insoles and natural leather laces. Available in-store and online.

For further information regarding care and repair services
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406 Jackson Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
+1 (415) 757 0681

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday 12-4