The streamlined silhouette and reinforced materials make the Metal Unlined Hiker not only our most durable hiker to date, but a truly versatile boot that wears just as well on dirt trails and desert roads as it does in concrete jungles and city streets.

The Metal Military Hiker is a cut above the Metal Unlined Hiker, with heightened ankle support, and additional reinforcements at high-wear points along the welt. Inspired by the streamlined functionality of 20th century combat boots, the Military Hiker features hammered brass welt-caps at the toe and heel for added protection and stability. A leather collar extends above the ankle, with an exterior heel-counter made from outsole leather for added support.

Across both styles, a bamboo shank stabilizes the midsole of the boot, providing maximum support without the excess weight or environmental impact of a steel or plastic shank. A rugged Vibram Gumlite outsole is attached to the one-piece leather upper with a hand-stitched Goodyear welt that incorporates a hammered brass toe-cap for added durability. This innovative welt stitch showcases an unparalleled level of craftsmanship that is virtually impossible to reproduce in mass quantities, and the incorporation of elemental brass adds an industrial feel to an otherwise entirely handmade product.

Metal Unlined Hiker and Metal Military Hiker have been made in editions of 30 and 36 directly available at FEIT.