Court Sneaker

The plimsoll shoe has origins in the 19th century industrial revolution and the birth of the concept of leisure time. It was the first modern sport shoe, created as an alternative for working-class city dwellers who did not want to wear their normal working boots on their annual trips to the seaside by train. The shoes consisted of a canvas upper that was attached to a rubber sole with a rubber wrap to keep out sand and water. Named after the white plimsoll lines on ships, these new shoes were cheap, lightweight, and much better suited to the sand.

FEIT’s interpretation of this classic style returns it to its original minimal silhouette and slim sole, elevated with luxury materials and a high level of craft. Made from our luxurious Semi-Cordovan leather, they feature our signature hand sewn Goodyear construction and leather wrap. These shoes are built on a zero-drop sole that keeps the foot parallel to the ground, which provides better ground contact and allows the wearer to move sure-footedly and with purpose.

The Court Sneaker in White and Black Semi Cordovan
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