A lightweight, low-profile athletic sneaker cut from tumbled Elk leather for maximum elasticity, durability, and comfort. Pushed-out, hand sewn heel seams reduce friction; sturdy leather heel-counters and a zig-zag lacing system locks the foot in place for a glove-like fit. Cork midsoles provide natural odor-resistance; natural latex outsoles ensure unparalleled comfort and all-weather traction.



The Biotrainer utilizes all natural materials and evolves traditional running-inspired shoes with a translucent 100% natural latex outsole that is lightweight, cushioned and flexible. The natural latex has been produced in partnership with Lactae Hevea who exclusively use the milk of the Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber tree). After a four-month “winterizing”, spiral incisions are made into the tree bark, which releases the rubber milk without harming the vegetation. The seamless one-piece upper is made of semi-cordovan leather and the supportive heel counter—a feature borrowed from men’s classic dress shoe styles—is made of thick vegetable-tanned leather.




After a lengthy design process, we developed our own 100% natural latex rubber sole made out of the milk of the Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber tree). Hevea tree plantations are ecological forests. After twenty years of harvest, the Hevea trees are recycled and replaced by young plants.