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Natural Materials

FEIT adheres to a strict policy of using biological materials and natural treatments whenever possible. Natural materials breathe, patina and become one with the wearer.

Oil and salt used in the finishing process of vegetable tanning
Vegetable tanned leather


Leather is the superior material from which to build footwear due to its combination of flexibility and durability. FEIT footwear is mainly built using vegetable tanned cow hides, a byproduct of the meat industry. Almost every component in FEIT footwear is made from leather: uppers, insoles, midsoles, outsoles, heels and laces.

Vegetable-tanned leather breathes as in nature. It is non-irritant, soft to touch, ages richly over time and biodegrades. The leather remains neutral regardless of the temperature, and does not retain sweat or odor, allowing FEIT shoes to be worn barefoot and get better with age.

The Hand Sewn High cut open, showing leather and cork layers
Salt & Oil used to preserve and finish hides


FEIT uses all-natural components to ground and stabilize the wearer.

The sole is made up of six individual components. An internal leather midsole, a layer of natural cork, a bamboo shank stabilizer, a buffalo leather outsole, a rubber tread and a vegetable leather strip that encases the sole to the upper.


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