SS17 Exclusive Preview

SS17 Exclusive Preview

As we step in to a new year, we are faced once again with the notion that our world is off-balance.

Disconnected and divided, we find ourselves increasingly detached from the natural environment, concentrated in ever-accelerating urban landscapes. Our minds have escaped into the virtual, our feet are no longer touching the ground.

As a result, a spiritual void continues to grow; we are pulled towards uncertainty and conflict, away from harmony and balance.

While each spring brings with it the promise of birth and renewal, we are at a crossroads.

In this year of uncertainty and change, the FEIT 2017 Spring collection is centered around this idea of balance -- historically, each style selected has its origin in this functional need. Creating these styles from natural materials, shaped and molded by the human hand, evolves the idea of balance, deepening the wearer's experience and reminding us of the need to connect to the earth.

FEIT remains committed to its core principles of sustainability, integrity, and keeping human hands and minds involved in the process of creation.

Tull Price — Founder

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