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Installation One: Raw Elements of Construction

FEIT’s first New York City flagship store opened in October 2014, located on the corner of Prince and Bowery in Nolita. The design of the space is a collaborative process between founder Tull Price and Jordana Maisie Design Studio (JMDS), entitled Installation One: Raw Elements of Construction.

Raw construction materials that represent the FEIT ethos and process are featured, including baltic birch, douglas fir, glass, mirror and leather. Upon entering the store, cascading planes emerge from the existing architecture and a split-level display showcases the collection. The space is as much installation as retail, creating an emotional connection for the customer with the process and craft of constructing handmade footwear with sustainable techniques.

“We chose to create an installation which reflects the way we design, develop and build our products” says founder Tull Price. “The store utilizes raw construction materials in a minimal manner and turns a traditional store into a space that provides a heightened sense of pre- and post-purchase service, including repairs. The store also aligns with the release of products designed specifically for the New York market.”

“I am inspired by Tull’s integrity and vision. He places great importance on process and craft,” says Jordana Maisie (JMDS). “This philosophy influences not only the product design and the creation of beautiful, well-made shoes, but also the brand’s identity. I think this kind of attention to detail, allowing the temporal elements of craft and creativity to come to the forefront, is increasingly rare in contemporary design.”

FEIT offers a complimentary leather care and conditioning service at all our flagship stores, as well as a repair and reuse service to extend the lifetime of our products.

FEIT has a full suite of care and replacement products to extend and improve the lifetime of your shoes. Available care products include leather and suede care kits, suede erasers, FEIT cedar shoe trees and our bamboo shoe horns. Replacement components including cork, buffalo leather and shearling insoles and natural leather laces. Available in-store and online.

For further information regarding care and repair services
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2 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012
+1 (212) 226 8600

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Monday-Sunday 12-4