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FEIT craftsmen are among the most skilled in the world and our Bamboo Military Hiker seeks to showcase their expertise. The highest level of strength, ability and discipline is required to hand-build the Bamboo Military Hiker from start to finish.

Craftsmanship and materials are brought to the forefront of this original design through an exposed industrial bamboo shank and nails on the boot sole. Bamboo is used for it’s inherent strength-to-weight ratio as it is one of the strongest natural materials in the world. The vast majority of global footwear production sources metal or plastic for their stabilizers.

Red accents have been added to articulate our craftsmen’s dedication to superior construction. What previously symbolized the blood of the worker has been repurposed at FEIT as a celebration of our makers who wove red into their standard white and black stitching.

Leather laces can be wrapped around the bamboo shank and midsole.
Bamboo from stem to shank.

A taller version of our classic Unlined Hiker, and inspired by military trench boots, the Bamboo Military Hiker features a flexible one-piece upper that hugs the foot due to its narrow shaft. The collar and toe are lined with leather for increased durability. Red laces can be looped under the sole and a red pull tab highlights the construction design.

Hand sewn, featuring a modified Goodyear construction and a rugged Vibram® Gumlite outsole, this is a hard-working boot that will withstand the harshest winter conditions while keeping the wearer supported and sturdy.

Due to the rigorous and lengthy construction process, the Bamboo Military Hiker is made in a highly limited run of 38 pairs.

Exposed shank, stitching and nails.

  • Bamboo Hiker

  • Bamboo Military Hiker