Raw cork. In cork harvesting, numbers are painted on the tree to indicate years since last harvest

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The midsole of every FEIT shoe is filled with cork and every pair of shoes comes with a removable cork insole.

Cork has been harvested from cork oak forests throughout the world for centuries. The harvesting process is laborious and requires great skill and patience. Unlike most trees, cork is obtained from the unique thick bark of the cork oak, not the lumber. Each cork tree must be 20 years old before it can be harvested and can’t be harvested again for nearly a decade. When harvested correctly a cork oak can live between 160 and 200 years. Harvested by hand in the traditional method, the habitat is left intact with minimal impact on the environment.

Cork insoles
Cork harvesting done by hand

Cork is lightweight, moisture resistant, comfortable under the feet, anti-fungal, and highly durable—connecting the wearer to the ground.


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