Hand Sewn Court


Hand Sewn Court Black and Natural Veg.

The Hand Sewn Court is our interpretation of a classic plimsoll sneaker. We have updated the 19th century original by tuning the two piece upper into a more minimal and flexible one piece, replaced and elevated the rubber sole with our classic natural veg tanned leather wrap and outsole, and updated from a cemented glue construction to our handsewn modified good year construction.

Built on a zero-drop sole that keeps the foot parallel to the ground, providing contact and allowing the wearer to move sure-footedly and with purpose. The leather is thick and robust but has been softened by the drum dying process. During construction, the shoe is exposed to light steam and humidity over 10 days, which helps tighten the leather to enhance both the shape and fit.

Limited run of 72 styles cut, available directly at FEIT.