Ceremonial Ballet & Ballet Mule

The Ceremonial Ballet incorporates traditional handmade elements and evolves this classic style. A high level of craft is required to expose the handstitched detailing throughout, which connects the one-piece semi cordovan leather upper to the sole of the shoe. The thread is knotted at the heel with a decorative tassel, accentuating the stacked leather heel.

The Ceremonial Ballet Mule is a casual, open-back version of the classic FEIT Ballet. Using natural materials and a high level of craft, we created the perfect slip-on style for warm summer months. The visible handsewn stitching around the semi cordovan upper celebrates our master craftsmen's high level of skill.

The one-piece upper is stitched directly onto a thin leather sole, that keeps the foot parallel to the ground, providing contact and allowing the wearer to move sure-footedly and with purpose.

Limited edition of 60 styles cut, available directly with FEIT.