Cutting the raw bamboo to become shank stabilizers

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All FEIT shoes are fitted with a bamboo shank stabilizer in the midsole. It is one of the strongest natural materials in the world. Bamboo is used for its’ inherent strength-to-weight ratio being as strong as steel and almost twice the compression rate of concrete.

Bamboo is a grass, not a tree. It produces a yield 25 times higher than that of timber. With selective annual harvesting it can regenerate completely without the need to replant, making it one of the most renewable sources on the planet.

Shank stabiliser shown in our Hiker collection
Bamboo trees

Because bamboo requires few nutrients, it can grow in soil inhospitable to other plants—not only does it thrive there, it can reclaim the land so other plants can thrive, too. It’s roots leach heavy metals from the soil, hold the soil together and draw water closer to the surface.

Bamboo contains an anti-microbial element called kun which stops bacteria from growing. It is not only antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-odor. This component helps the foot to remain neutral regardless of the temperature, allowing the shoes to be worn barefoot.

The majority of global shoe production uses metal or plastic for the stabilizer.


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