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Installation Two: Volume and Void

FEIT’s second New York City store opened in September 2015, located on Greenwich Avenue between 10th and Christopher in the West Village. Continuing the collaborative conversation between founder Tull Price and Jordana Maisie Design Studio (JMDS), the space is entitled Installation Two: Volume and Void.

The interior design expands on the success of the Prince Street flagship, presenting another iconic concept that marries raw and natural materials with digital technology. The unique identity prioritizes process, craft, and innovation, while pushing the tension between what is hand and what is machine made.

The clean aesthetic features geometric shapes created by “volume and void”. Echoing the Prince Street flagship, a timber palette is incorporated with carvings that open up sightlines between the store and the street. Similar to the process of molding leather to a last, volumetric molds were used to carve out the display spaces within the timber mass—the removal of the mold reveals the product that has been created.

Both the architectural and lighting design play with perception of depth. The store experience differs by season as adjustable white LED lighting change in color temperature in accordance with summer, fall, winter, and spring. The subtle detail adds an element of comfort to contrast the discord of the bustling city outside.

FEIT offers a complimentary leather care and conditioning service at all our flagship stores, as well as a repair and reuse service to extend the lifetime of our products.

FEIT has a full suite of care and replacement products to extend and improve the lifetime of your shoes. Available care products include leather and suede care kits, suede erasers, FEIT cedar shoe trees and our bamboo shoe horns. Replacement components including cork, buffalo leather and shearling insoles and natural leather laces. Available in-store and online.

For further information regarding care and repair services
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11a Greenwich Avenue
New York, NY 10014
+1 (212) 691 2055

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